About Cay

Cay is an avid hockey fan who was deprived of playing in her childhood, but still carried the love for the game with her into adulthood.

She’s been a restless soul and her search for ultimate happiness and chi has made her roam Asia, climb mountains, cut tea, eat termites and dive into the big blue.

She breathes way better under water than above.

She’s hopeless in yoga and even worse in pilates, and have the worst habit of disturbing serious meditation classes with uncontrollable laughing kicks.

She’s originally from Norway, and as you can probably tell from her limited vocabulary and terrible spelling, English is not her mother tongue.

Some kind of weird twist of fate brought her to Africa where she can still be found, having sundowners on the red dunes of the Namib while she’s keeping up to date on the latest NHL scores and standings.

9 thoughts on “About Cay

    1. Also a scuba diver? Or just familiar with a shallow sense of stressed breathlessness that the hassle of everyday life sometimes cause?

  1. Love your about. Some really interesting and different tidbits, like breathing better underwater. I love to swim so I know the feeling. Africa, huh? Cool!

    Best regards,

    1. Africa for more than a decade now. Still going…strong? Um, well I’m not sure about that really, but I’m still here. Disillusioned, cynical, weathered by life and the sun… But still here. 😉

    1. You have a wonderful blog! I will spend more time over there, and look through your archive. As a new writer without any experience at all, I always enjoy reading blogs of authors and writers and learn from their experiences, and their tips and advice.

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