The awakening of a newbie writer

Today it’s my turn to ramble at the Happy Authors Guild blog. Deep in revisions done for a group on Scribophile, my thoughts revolved around what that online writers’ community has done for me as a new, aspiring writer.

Happy Authors Guild

I started writing on Christmas Day 2013. It was my first day off in ages. I woke up from the chirping weavers outside the bedroom window and enjoyed knowing that there was no rush. And as I was lying there, dozing, my mind started to puzzle jigsaw pieces of different scenes or daydreams together into one large picture. Five years of day dreams and silly fantasies had, in an hour on Christmas Day, turned into one (awfully long) story.

Me, writing fiction? It was such a foreign thought, but I figured ‘what the heck?’ I’ve got a couple of days off and got nothing better to do, I might as well have some fun trying to write a novella or short story. But when the holiday was over, the words still kept coming. And a month later, the words still kept pouring out. And two months later…Well, you get the…

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