An author’s note: A glimpse of the future…and the past

I was driving nearly 500 km alone yesterday. Normally, I would destroy every song on the radio by howling along (jackals would be impressed) on a trip like that, but since I began writing, I spend most of my alone time thinking about my characters instead. To sit alone in the car is a fantastic opportunity to speak dialogs out loud without having to worry about being overheard by anyone. Because, lets face it: Sitting on the subway and reciting the love quarrel between your two main characters just doesn’t feel right, and it’s bound to make people question your sanity.  In the car, the only other creature listening in is the persistent fly that has joined me on the trip of her lifetime. Continue reading


Weekly photo challenge: On top

Station dune Namib Desert

Every year I take 20-25 geography students on an excursion around Namibia. Most of them have never been in southern Africa before. And practically none of them have ever done fieldwork abroad. For a month they get to test their skills, but maybe more importantly, their own limits and comfort zones. Continue reading

The Sunshine Award

the sunshine award

I have been given an award by Cardamone5. She’s by far my most active reader and commentator and I really appreciate her take on things. I recommend you visit her blog, Breaking the Cycle.

She is a keen gardener and fond of flowers, and I have promised her some orchid pictures. Since they don’t fit into my normal posts, I’ve decided to add some to this one.

What is the weirdest food you have ever eaten? Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Threshold

Threshold can be so many things. It can be the divide between two rooms, where you can cross from one side to another; where you exit one phase of your life and enter another. It can be a new beginning and chance to start fresh; full of tickling excitement and optimism regarding what this opportunity might bring.

But it can also be a limit; the critical point that triggers a reaction. The invisible line we don’t even know we’ve crossed, until we are faced with the consequences and are forced to deal with the results. Continue reading